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They Told Me He's a Quack

Who Do You Trust?

Basic rule of thumb- if the "official" voices in the medical/health industry are trashing someone, it's well worth your time to take a second look.

Over the years, I have had to find out the truth about various issues for myself.  Between the library and the internet I’ve managed to find the answers I was looking for and a whole lot more.  What I discovered was that the answers are often found in books written by doctors who are considered quacks by the medical community, people who have been maligned and discredited, yet have amazingly huge success rates with their treatments.  I've found out that it just isn't very wise to put undying trust in your doctor; you are far better off to be skeptical and look for answers yourself.

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Cholesterol and Statins

I have ranted on this subject in another post- Cholesterol- Mother of All Scams.  This is a huge money-maker for the medical/pharmaceutical industry, and anyone that dares to challenge the whole concept is met with serious resistance.  The idea is that dietary fat increases your cholesterol levels, and blood cholesterol levels increase your chances of heart disease.  The standard fix is statin drugs to get that cholesterol down. We've all been thoroughly indoctrinated into this theology.  In my blog post, I demonstrate how this whole theory is so much twaddle.

I got started on this one when I began searching for natural ways to lower cholesterol.  I began running across websites that expose this whole myth and also found out about the drastic side effects of statin drugs. It was long-term use of these drugs that left my mother in a nursing home with about half her memory and wheelchair-bound for two years.

Those in the medical establishment who have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the heart/cholesterol theory can get absolutely vitriolic when challenged on these beliefs. If patients dare to question the use of statins, let alone the need to lower cholesterol, they can be met with downright hostility. Some doctors are so thoroughly convinced, they will do their absolute best to instill fear in their patients, telling them they are just asking to die of heart disease if they don't take statins. In fact, if a doctor threatens you with impending doom if you don't take the drugs they prescribe, this is a red flag that needs to be investigated. Most doctors don't know much beyond what the drug companies tell them; in fact, their "continuing education" is nothing more than drug company hype to push their latest money makers.

I am sure Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Duane Graveline, Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and many others have been labeled as quacks over this issue. Any doctor that dares to defy the establishment on this one is immediately rejected and scorned.  The good news is that the public is finally finding out the truth.  For more on the side effects of statins see:

Alzheimer's, Dementia and StatinsIn this article, I demonstrate how dangerous statin drugs are and provide links to a whole list of books and websites that provide more information and help.

Cholesterol- Mother of All Scams- my blog post on the subject with more links to books, websites, etc.

The Whole Hormone Thing

The first brick wall I hit many years ago was a physical problem- nagging yeast infections that just wouldn’t go away.  I spent hundreds in the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy counter and found that the medical industry could do no more for me than just control it.  I wanted more- I wanted to know why.  I knew full well that this wasn’t normal, and I wasn’t about to just accept it as an annoying part of life.  I wanted to get to the cause and not just manage the symptoms.

That was what got me started on researching health through nutrition, and it was in that search that I found out what was causing my trouble.  As it turned out, it was birth control pills that were cleaning out my guts, allowing yeast to run rampant.  And the fix was so easy, and so cheap- probiotics.  But I sure didn’t find that answer in the doctor’s office- I had to find it out for myself.

That particular problem led me into a whole world of understanding that has helped me see the importance of watching what you put in your mouth.  I started out researching the side effects of birth control pills and synthetic hormones in general, and that was when I discovered Dr. John R. Lee.  He wrote a whole list of books on the subject, books that expose the fraud perpetrated on the female sector of the population by the medical industry.  He coined the term “estrogen dominance” and has loudly publicized the dangers of standard hormone replacement therapy (HRT) commonly prescribed to most women entering menopause.  This is the first guy I heard referred to as a quack by the medical community. In fact, my own doctor rolled his eyes when I mentioned his name.

His books changed my life- I no longer suffer from estrogen dominance symptoms, and use progesterone cream regularly.  If it hadn’t been for this man, my hair would still be thinning out (indeed, I wouldn’t have much left by now), I would still have fibrocystic breasts, I would still be emotionally wired, I would be 40 pounds overweight . . . shall I go on?  He has had scores of patients successfully treated with natural progesterone, yet the medical profession still denigrates him. The man was anything but a quack; the man dared to tell the truth.  Find out more here, along with links to all his books:

Hormone Balance and Estrogen DominanceThis was one of the first areas I started researching years ago, and I just recently decided to write this post about the effects of estrogen dominance and the serious side effects of hormone replacement therapy.  

Weight Loss

The latest revelation in research is that weight loss is not a matter of calories in/calories out, nor is it a matter of not eating fat. Gary Taubes has been deemed a quack by the establishment for a very long time, and is now finally being redeemed. He has contended for a long time that sugar is the problem, not fat, and apparently received a potload of flack for a long time. The tide is now turning, and we are finding out that the official dietary advice dispensed from on high for decades has been very, very wrong.

For more information, check out my posts on weight loss- The Science of Weight Loss, Sugar the Real Villain and Breakfast Cereal Diets- Really?? Or better yet, go straight to the source- get his books!

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It- This is the first book of his I purchased that educated me about the actual issues with weight loss.

The Case Against Sugar- This is his newest book on the dangers of sugar.

Good Calories Bad Calories- Another great book by Taubes that exposes the official dietary advice for what it is- a health disaster.

Consultant Pharmacists

Now here's one I had never heard of until I read a book I stumbled across at the library- Are Your Prescriptions Killing You by Armon Neel, Jr. Here's a group of people that are regularly attacked by the medical community, so you can bet they're doing something right.

Consultant pharmacists check a patient's medications to look for drug interactions and over-medicating, or practicing "polypharmacy".  They work with seniors in general and those in nursing homes in particular, and have saved medicare and medicaid thousands of dollars and have saved many, many lives as a result. Seniors don't process drugs like younger people do; they remain in their systems much longer because the liver and kidneys no longer operate as efficiently as they once did. According to Neel, most doctors don't take this into account when prescribing, and as a result, seniors suffer from side effects much more often than the younger population. Then more drugs yet are prescribed to counter the side effects of others. The resulting prescription cascade takes a huge toll on seniors, often taking their lives prematurely.

Neel relates accounts of patients who have followed his advice and have regained their abilities even though they are well into their 70's and even 80's. So much of the deterioration of older people can be attributed to polypharmacy- drugs prescribed to treat side effects of other drugs. And often, the original drug is unnecessary to start with.

These specialists go into these places and review medications, then make their recommendations to their doctors. He tells tales of doctors who shred their reports and who fly into rages at being second-guessed. Often the patients will ask Neel to recommend another doctor who will be more receptive to changes in medications. The consulting pharmacist battles both the overwhelming propaganda put out by drug companies as well as doctors' egos. They perform an invaluable service for the seniors of our population and deserve to be recognized for their work.

Consultant Pharmacist is a website where you can find more information about the service. Armon Neel's website Medication Xpert has lots of information that explains his services, links to articles about his work, and a self-assessment test to determine if you are over-medicated. And at American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, you can see if there is one near you.

Are Your Prescriptions Killing You by Armon Neel, Jr. In this book, Neel lists drugs that should never be prescribed to seniors at all and alternatives that are available. He has chapters on various side effects that are more than likely drug-induced, like dementia and falling and an entire chapter on statins and their side effects. And at the back he has a guide on how to manage your medications so that your medications won't control you. If you are in your senior years or have a parent going through this, you need to find a copy of this book. Check your library or buy a used one through amazon.


Many years ago I began researching learning disabilities to try to figure out what was wrong with my son.  All through his school years, I fully expected them to be able to diagnose something like that, but I was woefully wrong. I found out the hard way that relying on the school system is just simply misplaced trust.  It was the summer after his “graduation” from high school that I very belatedly decided to look into this for myself, and it was the first book I pulled off the shelf at the library that gave me all the answers I was looking for. That book was called Smart But Feeling Dumb by Harold Levinson, another man accused of being a quack by both the medical and education establishments. He has the honor of being attacked on two fronts, not just one.

He was a medical researcher to start with, and because his daughters were dyslexic, that is the direction his research eventually took him.  The result of years of this research has led him to treating dyslexia as an inner ear malfunction, and the results have been undeniably positive.  According to his website, he has treated over 35,000 patients successfully over the past 40 years with supplements and simple medications that target the inner ear.

Because of the resistance he met years ago in the educational and medical communities, he wrote an entire book about that resistance called A Watergate Dyslexia.  In that book he comes to the conclusion that people don’t want dyslexics to find help because those in control will no longer have that control over them.  Levinson has been completely rejected by the establishment, so he has built his own treatment center in New York, going around the so-called “experts”.

I took a copy of his book to the local school to try to get them to see what this man has accomplished.  I was duly patronized and ushered out the door. They call him a quack, but his patients would beg to differ. For more on this issue and links to more help and all Levinson's books, check here:

Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD- Sorting Out the InputThis article goes into many of the ways that dyslexia affects the lives of those that live with this disorder.  Links to Dr. Levinson's books and his website are provided, along with other books with good information for adults as well as children.

Phonics vs. Sight Reading

This whole scenario meshes with the resistance met by the sector of the population that push for teaching phonics in school rather than sight reading.  The two areas overlap in that often children are labeled learning-disabled simply because they are no good at guessing what words are- they are not taught to sound them out.  Rudolph Flesch was the primary proponent of phonics back in the ‘50's, the author of Why Johnny Can’t Read, and the sequel, Why Johnny Still Can’t Read.

Well, it’s safe to say that Johnny still can’t read in the 21st century, judging by the fact that parents have to teach their own children how to read since many school districts just simply won’t. Remember the ads for Hooked on Phonics?  It’s a sad scenario when parents have to pay for programs to teach their children to read when the school refuses to do so.  And I just recently found out that in at least one school district, phonics is only taught in remedial reading to children that have trouble. Hard telling how many wouldn't have trouble in the first place if they'd just teach phonics to start with.  Once again, trusting in the establishment- this time the school system- could be misplaced trust. More info here:

Phonics, Whole Language and Illiteracy- What Is Your Child Being Taught?In my search for answers about learning disabilities I found out about the whole phonics vs sight reading wars over the years.  In this article, phonics is demonstrated as the superior method of learning to read.  This is yet another area where the individual has to take control and see to it that children actually learn to read rather than guess.  There is a world of help online- lots of links here as well.


One other area that I have recently found out about is osteoarthritis- the standard treatment will do nothing to help, but actually make matters worse.  The book I found about this one is called The Arthritis Cure by Jason Theodosakis.  Now I have not heard anyone accuse this man of being a quack, but he is one that goes against the prevailing tide of opinion on how to treat arthritis, using supplements rather than pain killers.  Just following standard doctors’ advice will leave you on pain killers with serious and even deadly side effects while your joints just continue to deteriorate.  That leaves you in line for joint replacement surgery, something that just fuels the whole medical industry. Indeed, money is the driving force behind most medical treatments.

The program developed by Theodosakis is a whole-health-type approach that involves diet, exercise, supplements and stress control.  And he, too, has an impressive success rate.

Osteoporosis and Arthritis: They CAN Be Reversed- This is an article I posted on the natural supplements available to reverse these two conditions. Here you will find links to the books written by Theodosakis.

Bottom Line

What I have come to realize is that it pays to be skeptical.  It is wise to look into things for yourself rather than just accept “expert” advice at face value.  The educated establishment tends to be overly arrogant about their lofty educations that blind them to the truth.  All these people I have told you about have hundreds and even thousands of patients/clients who have been treated successfully, bringing into question anyone that would discredit them.

The medical establishment is pretty much run by the drug industry, and believe me when I say that the drug industry does NOT have your best interests at heart. They want your money, and as long as you keep taking their products, they don't care what they do to you. Drugs cause thousands of deaths every year, and many good doctors are privy to this. These are the doctors, the ones bucking the establishment,that get labeled as quacks because they spend their time exposing the truth. The whole cholesterol/heart theory and the related statin debacle are perfect examples of this, and by far one of the most dangerous. Indeed, it is now being proven that those that die of heart attacks are more apt to have LOW cholesterol rather than high.

There are groups that are fully convinced that the women's health industry is a money machine for the people who cash in on it; there are people who are convinced the cancer industry is the same thing. Anyone who goes against the tide of established thought and practice will be labeled a quack. Follow the money. More often than not, most of our health ills can be traced back to a perverted, processed, refined diet of junk your body was never designed to deal with, a diet that lines the pockets of the processed food industry, the fast food industry, as well as the medical establishment (the drug industry specifically) that treats the fallout. And there's no money in telling someone to change how they eat. Kudos to the doctors that do.

If you should hear someone called a quack, it might just pay to find out for yourself. The "quack" is probably right.

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