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Osteoporosis and Arthritis: They CAN Be Reversed

Reversing Osteoporosis and Arthritis Is Possible

Finding out the truth about health issues takes some digging. The medical industry is no longer in business to keep you healthy; they are in business to make money. Merchandising medications and procedures has become big business with specific healthy groups of people targeted for "preventive" measures and medications. So depending on what your doctor tells you isn't always the wisest course of action. Sorting out fact from fiction can be tricky, but there are plenty of authors and websites out there that will give you the truth, and I want to present a little of what I've found about two health issues in particular- arthritis and osteoporosis.

Both of these conditions have been thoroughly exploited by drug companies that promote their medications and procedures that often won't do much more than make them rich. Typical medical treatment involves medications that treat symptoms, then surgery of one sort or another. Drugs start off as natural substances that are then altered in a lab to make them patentable. And when a patent and FDA approval are obtained, the money starts rolling in. There is no money for drug companies in natural supplements so they aren't promoted by the medical industry and in fact are often undermined, in spite of the fact that drugs cause untold deaths every year while supplements do not.

Diet changes and supplements can work on the actual cause of these conditions rather than just treat symptoms. They target the source of the trouble and give your body what it needs to regenerate, thus actually working to reverse these conditions. If you choose to try these approaches, you will get to the source of the trouble and give yourself an opportunity to take charge of your own health. Reversing arthritis and osteoporosis IS possible.

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The Big Daddy- The Gluten Connection
to both Arthritis and Osteoporosis

This one is the Big Daddy, the cherry on top, the prize at the bottom of the box. This could well be the one main factor that influences all of this.  I have noticed over the years that quite often my physical problems have been self-induced one way or another, and this one proved to be a major factor for me.

According to William Davis, MD in his book Wheat Belly, gluten can be a factor in arthritis in that it causes inflammation all over the body. And inflammation is the key word here. Most people think gluten is a problem only for those diagnosed with celiac disease, but a lower level of sensitivity to gluten is apparently much more common than has been previously recognized. Arthritis symptoms often abate when gluten is removed from the diet- there are personal stories all over the internet. Research is showing more and more connections between gluten and various manifestations of inflammation including Alzheimer's and digestive disturbances as well as arthritis.

After reading this, and after experiencing a lot of pain in my joints, I decided to remove the big end of the gluten from my diet out of desperation to see what would happen. Indeed, it took very little time to get relief, seeing results in just a few days. This was over a year ago, and I haven't looked back. The burning is only very, very occasional now, and I realized I am even able to wear a ring I haven't been able to get on my finger for quite some time. I haven't gone 100% gluten free, but I have removed all the bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, etc., all the main sources and still have experienced relief from the burning pain. Celiac patients have to eliminate it ALL- from condiments, soups, various processed foods, cosmetics, etc. I didn't go that far, but then again, I don't eat much in the way of processed foods anymore. Ditch the processed junk, and you will no doubt see results too.

In Wheat Belly, it says:
Some of the most dramatic health turnarounds I've ever witnessed have been in obtaining relief from incapacitating joint pains. . .  My suspicion is that yes, wheat exerts direct and indirect bone- and joint-destructive effects in any wheat-consuming human, just expressed more vigorously in celiac- or gluten antibody-positive people. . . Remove wheat and experience reduced joint inflammation and fewer blood sugar "highs" that glycate catrilage, and shift the pH balance to alkaline. It sure beats taking Vioxx. (pp. 128-129.)
I wholeheartedly agree. Change what you're doing to yourself, and avoid adding to the healthcare crisis by taking prescription drugs. Diet changes are something completely within your power to accomplish.

People with celiac, extreme gluten sensitivity, tend to have osteoporosis. The two conditions tend to go together, partially because gluten sensitivity impairs nutrient absorption, and partly because a grain-based diet is very acidic. Either way, a calcium and vitamin D deficiency can be the result. According to Davis-
Elimination of gluten from osteoporotic celiac participants promptly improved measures of bone density- without use of osteoporosis drugs. (pp. 127-128)
Wow. Has any doctor ever told their patient that osteoporosis can be reversed? I doubt it. Gluten may well be robbing your bones of calcium. Why take drugs when you can reverse it by changing how you eat?

And the scary thing is that the effects of grains generally and gluten specifically go far beyond just your knee joints, to your gut and to your brain. If you are suffering from arthritis and/or osteo, the information in this book could be a huge help, or check Davis out online, links below. In my opinion, eliminating at least gluten, then the big end of the grain-based foods in your diet should be the very first thing you do. A drastic diet change isn't easy, but it all boils down to how desperate you are. And it won't take long to see results, and that will motivate you to stick with it.

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William Davis Online

You can find William Davis's blog here. Loads of blog posts, personal stories, recipes, etc. He is also on Twitter and Facebook.  He's even on Pinterest.

Wheat Belly at Amazon

Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Because a grain-based diet is a very acidic one and will drain your system of calcium, you may be interested in checking out Ted Morter, MD who explains the pH aspect of health:

Ted Morter Online

Morter Health System is Ted Morter's website which includes a store with his own product line.

Your Health Your Choice at Amazon

Here are a couple of Dr. Morter's books. I had originally found Your Health, Your Choice at the public library, but soon decided to purchase my own copy. It has since been updated under the same title.

Your Health, Your Choice by Ted M. Morter, MD.


Dynamic Health: Using Your Own Beliefs, Thoughts and Memory to Create a Healthy Body

Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally
The Hormone Issue

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone tissue loses its integrity, becoming porous and more susceptible to fractures. The threat of developing osteoporosis is one of the primary selling points for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Osteoporosis has been promoted as a deficiency disease that afflicts women in mid- to late-life with an estrogen deficiency blamed as the culprit, according to the publicity fed to the public. We are told that osteo is just waiting out there to take us down in our declining years if we don't act now. Our salvation can be found in HRT products actively promoted by the medical industry designed to save your skeleton. This is another example of the medical industry looking for ways to sell their drugs to a healthy population in the name of prevention.

There are several problems with this whole campaign to drug the female population. First, osteoporosis doesn't afflict nearly as many people as they would have you believe. Statistics are presented in a way that makes it look like it's the inevitable fate for a huge percentage of the female population, and that just isn't true. Second, osteoporosis also affects men; it's not just a female disease.

Third, the estrogen theory is only partially correct. It is true that estrogen slows bone loss later in life, and as estrogen production falls, bones are more apt to deteriorate. But that's only a part of the full picture. Progesterone is the other hormone that is necessary for bone health. According to John R. Lee, MD, it is progesterone that actually stimulates the formation of new bone. Though women will continue to produce a certain amount of estrogen, progesterone production practically disappears. Dr. Lee has treated women with natural progesterone and has had significant success in reversing osteoporosis this way.

HRT promoted by the medical industry to prevent osteoporosis may actually have some positive effect in that area, at least for awhile. But it doesn't address the cause of the condition completely like progesterone does, and the side effects of this medication are severe. In my thinking, it is not worth the risk when natural remedies are available that work so much better. For more information on the whole HRT issue, see my blog post Hormone Balance and Estrogen Dominance..

Start at Dr. Lee's website, then you can look for his books at your library or at Amazon. They are listed below. I use Source Naturals Progesterone Cream which can be found at Amazon or Ebay.

Since writing this post, a study has been published at PubMed in 2010 demonstrating the effectiveness of using progesterone to prevent bone loss. It states:
In vitro studies of human osteoblasts in culture, prospective studies in adolescent, premenopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal women all indicate that progesterone—likely working through bone formation pathways—plays an active role in maintaining women's bone and in osteoporosis prevention.
Progesterone and Bone: Actions Promoting Bone Health in Women

Necessary Nutrients

In addition to progesterone, vitamins D3 and K2 are now recognized as vital to bone health, working together with calcium to help reduce the possibility of fractures. Recent research is proving this out, as presented in an article by Dr. Mercola. Supplementing with D3, K2 and calcium along with a good diet of whole, real food will greatly increase the possibility of reversing osteoporosis.

Woman with osteoporosis is free image from Wikimedia Commons.

John R. Lee, MD Online

The Official Website of John R. Lee, MD- This link will take you to an index at Dr. Lee's site that lists all his articles on osteoporosis.

Dr. Lee at Amazon

Hormone Balance Made Simple- This is the easiest of his books to understand.  This is a bottom-line-type book with all the essential information you need to get your hormones into balance.

What Your Doctor MAY Not Tell You About Menopause- This is his basic reference on hormone balance that goes into detail about how hormones work.

What Your Doctor MAY Not Tell You About Breast Cancer- Another great book that is a real eye-opener.

Reversing Arthritis Naturally
The Arthritis Cure by Jason Theodosakis

If you go to your doctor for treatment for osteoarthritis, you will more than likely be put on medications, NSAIDs specifically, to keep inflammation in check and to stop the pain. Standard medical treatment involves pain relief since the general consensus in the medical community is that osteoarthritis is incurable. Pain killers in the form of aspirin, acetominophen or NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and cortisone shots all have their side effects, some quite serious. But the most serious problem with this kind of treatment is that it merely covers up the pain while joints continue to deteriorate. This is great for the medical industry, racking up case after case of joint replacements. Allowing joints to just fall apart like that is the next best thing to malpractice according to Dr. Theodosakis, saying that it violates the Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm".

He recommends three supplements, glucosamine being the primary one. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of this supplement, with participants experiencing relief within a couple weeks. In The Arthritis Cure, Dr. Theodosakis explains the role glucosamine plays in joints. Suffice it to say that the supplement provides the body what it needs to actually rebuild joint cartilage, assuming joints haven't deteriorated too far.

Glucosamine is often paired with chondroitin, another supplement that complements glucosamine in the rebuilding of cartilage. Each has its own action, and together they work to rejuvenate joints. Dr. Theodosakis calls chondroitin a "water magnet", attracting fluid that acts as a cushion and also brings nutrients into joints. The third supplement he recommends is called ASU, a natural vegetable extract from avocado and soybean oils, a substance that both stimulates cartilage regeneration and inhibits its breakdown. At his website (link below) he offers his own line of supplements after finding out that most on the market are substandard and a waste of money. (There are quite a few joint creams on the market with glucosamine in them; however, there is no evidence that glucosamine can be absorbed through the skin. It would be best to stick with supplements that are taken orally.)

The Arthritis Cure is a book that demonstrates the effectiveness of these supplements to bring relief to arthritis sufferers. He does an excellent job presenting the case for these supplements as opposed to standard medical treatment that involves prolonged use of pain killers. Supplements are only one step in his 9-step program. There are many factors involved, and his program offers a comprehensive lifestyle change that will bring relief to arthritis sufferers.

Exercise is vital for both bone and joint health and is a key feature of his program. Your body subscribes to the "use it or lose it" philosophy, so at least a certain amount of exercise will help strengthen bones and keep your joints working. This is pretty much common knowledge and even your doctor will encourage you to become more active if you aren't already. Theodosakis offers specific recommendations in the exercise arena that will help keep your joints healthy.

Diet is of course the other key ingredient in regaining control of your bones and joints, another aspect most doctors will subscribe to. It's simple logic that your body will fall apart on a diet of junk food. Just about any malfunction can at least be helped by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, it's just simple logic. Garbage in- garbage out. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide real help to your body in its attempt to repair itself.

One other diet recommendation is to make sure your water intake is sufficient. Few people drink enough water to start with, and joints will definitely suffer without sufficient lubrication. Synovial fluid is a thick fluid in your joints that reduces friction, acts as a shock absorber, and provides nutrients. If you don't drink enough water, joints will dry up.

Another easy supplement to start taking isn't really a supplement at all- it's gelatin. I first heard about this one on a tape by Dr. Joel Wallach who is also an author and lecturer on health through nutrition. On his tape "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", he recommends one packet of plain gelatin dissolved in orange juice every day. I have searched online to find out if this has been researched and couldn't find much, but there are people who swear by it. As far as I can tell, it is collagen that gelatin adds to the equation, a necessary ingredient for joint health. And I figure it surely can't hurt.

Bottom line- there are proven supplements that will reverse arthritis naturally, and there are proven supplements that will reverse osteoporosis naturally. You don't have to lose your bones and joints to the aging process if you will take supplements and take charge of your health.
In head-to-head comparisons, not only are glucosamine/chondroitin and ASU more effective than NSAIDs for long-term use, they're far safer. . . not a single death worldwide has been attributed to these supplements . . . over many years. By comparison, . . . these [NSAID] drugs lead to some 16,500 deaths and 103,000 hospitalizations every year. (Theodosakis, p. 121)
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Dr. Theodosakis Online

Here you will find Theodosakis' own line of supplements he chose to market after finding out that most supplements are sub-standard and a waste of money.

Dr. Theo's Official Website- His patients call him "Dr. Theo," and he uses that name as a way to easily identify his ground breaking treatment program that has helped change the lives of millions of arthritis sufferers worldwide.

The Arthritis Cure at Amazon

The Arthritis Cure by Jason Theodosakis

Maximizing the Arthritis Cure by Jason Theodosakis

Bottom Line

Yes, you CAN reverse arthritis and osteoporosis. Start with a major diet overhaul, ditching the grains, gluten specifically and start eating real food.  If it's in a package with an ingredients label, it's not real food! Take glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplements, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of exercise. If you have osteoporosis, consider some over-the-counter progesterone cream. It works. Our processed, grain-based, gluten-laden diet has done untold damage to us, but you can take charge of your own health and turn it around.

Babies image is free photo from Wikimedia Commons. I added the text.

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  1. Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to fracture. Usually the bone loses density, which measures the amount of calcium and minerals in the bone.

    Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis, Keep active and exercise your entire body, Take vitamin and mineral supplements if you're not getting enough calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and other bone nutrients from your diet,

    Eat greens with gusto. Leafy green vegetables have lots of calcium, plus the potassium and vitamin K you need to block calcium loss from bones. Fill up on broccoli, bok choy, kale, Swiss chard, and turnip greens. Bananas also supply a potassium boost.

    Choose calcium. Both women and men need 1,000 mg of elemental calcium a day during midlife. The need rises to 1,500 to 2,000 mg daily after menopause in women and after age 65 in men.

    Quit smoking. Avoid excessive alcohol. Don’t let depression linger. Depression causes your body to produce cortisol, a stress-related hormone that saps minerals from bones.

    1. Thank you Susan for your input. Avoiding chronic conditions is always a matter of a complete lifestyle change involving diet, exercise and stress reduction. You are so very right. One note- calcium needs magnesium in greater amounts than recommended. I am just now researching this one to find out about the magnesium factor, something that has been overshadowed by the emphasis on calcium.

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