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Protein, pH and the Alkaline Diet

Acidosis and Toxic Levels of Protein
"Excess protein is the primary culprit in the health woes of Americans today. Too much protein- that time-honored foundation of nutrition- puts such radical physiological stress on the body that the natural healing process is sabotaged." (Your Health Your Choice, by M. Ted Morter, MD, Lifetime Books, Inc, 1992 p. 3)
 Body chemistry is a balancing act, working to maintain a proper balance in pH. And that balance is constantly being adjusted according to what you put in it. Everything you put in your mouth has an effect on your pH; most foods have either an acid or an alkaline residue. Your body is designed to operate in an alkaline environment, and it will do whatever it has to do to maintain that environment.

The processes your body uses to maintain the right pH balance will cause other problems in your body if you don't provide it sufficient alkaline minerals in your diet, and those problems can make you miserable. Acidosis occurs when there is an overload of dietary acid for your body to deal with. There are many systems your body will employ to deal with this overload, but they are emergency systems that aren't meant to function for long periods of time. Cells will lose their ability to function, resistance will be lowered, and disease becomes inevitable when these adjustments have gone on for years.

I published this post quite some time ago, and I am continually amazed at the number of views it still gets. Thought I'd pass along something that I have dealt with just recently. Dr. Morter had mentioned in one of his books that negative thoughts will also create an acid condition in your body, and I believe I can now attest to that. A great deal of stress over a period of time had left me with twitching muscles and a heel spur that seemed to get a little worse in spite of a diet that was fairly heavy on fruits and vegetables. It was several days before I made the connection between my mental and physical states.

Now I am finding out about the connection between an acid environment and cancer. According to other websites I have read recently, an alkaline environment will prevent cancer cells from multiplying- they need that acid environment to thrive, which could mean that an alkaline diet will go a long way toward cancer prevention and possibly even cure. I will include links below to other sites with information on this.

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Acid Ash

All food after digestion leaves "ash" or residue which is either alkaline or acid. Acid ash is composed of strong acids like sulphuric and phosphoric acid that must be handled by the kidneys and must be buffered for 2 reasons- your cells need a slightly alkaline environment to operate in, and unbuffered acid residue will burn sensitive tissue on the way back out. The primary dietary sources of acid your body must deal with come from the protein found in meats, grain and dairy products. A certain amount of protein can be handled with no problem, but the American diet of 45g of protein or more per day is far more than your body is designed to handle.

Adequate amounts of protein are vital to keeping your cells healthy, but cells will get bogged down if they have to deal with acid from an excess of dietary protein- intracellular pH drops, cells become toxic, enzymes can't work, and other processes can't take place naturally. If a high percentage of your cells can't function, resistance will plummet and disease will take over; and excess acid that lowers the body's pH can ultimately trigger heart attacks.
"If you start young enough and do an outstanding job of mistreating your body, while still in your 20's you can develop heart disease or some other chronic disease that used to be associated with old age." (Your Health Your Choice, by M. Ted Morter, MD, Lifetime Books, Inc, 1992 p. 158)
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Your Body WILL Buffer
Calcium Isn't Just to Strenthen Bones

Acid must be buffered, and this is accomplished by the use of minerals- primarily organic sodium, potassium and calcium stored in the liver and muscles. If your "alkaline reserve" is empty, your body will take minerals from wherever it can get them. When your body has been abused for years with a protein overload, it will resort to hijacking organic calcium from your bones to protect your cellular environment. It will stay alive regardless of how it makes you feel. Osteoporosis is one of the obvious results. For more information about osteoporosis and how it can be reversed, see my blog post Osteoporosis and Arthritis: They CAN Be Reversed. Bone spurs can also develop if your alkaline reserves are low- these form at the site where calcium is being leached from your bones. A calcium deficiency can be an indication of a diet that is overloaded with protein.

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The Milk Issue
Dairy for Your Bones? Think Again.

Most people recommend a fair amount of dairy products as a source of calcium, and have done so for years. Dr. Morter presents another point of view on the subject which is well worth considering, even though it flies in the face of tradition. Milk cows are normally fed a diet of high-protein grain to increase their milk production, and that protein, of course, goes into the milk. The protein content of milk is high enough that the calcium it contains isn't sufficient to neutralize it. In fact, milk can actually cause a calcium drain if the protein content is high enough. In addition, the calcium mineral bonds are made harder for the body to break by the pasteurization process so its calcium isn't as available for the body to use. Morter believes that heavy milk drinkers can actually bring osteoporosis on themselves.

Cutting out dairy is hard at best. I love cheese and ice cream, so eliminating these is just not acceptable! So what I have been doing is limiting the cheese, and for ice cream, I have been making my own in a little ice cream maker by Cuisinart. I use soy creamer and stevia, and honestly, it's not bad. (I wish I could find almond milk creamer.) There is another bonus to limiting dairy- it took me years to figure out that my sinus headaches were directly related to dairy intake. I've been essentially headache free for years since I started limiting cheese and ice cream, and started using soy or almond milk on cereal.

There are a LOT of reasons to avoid dairy products altogether. Find out more at

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The Fallout
Gallstones, Duodenal Ulcers, High Triglycerides, Heartburn

Dr. Morter goes into great detail explaining how specific conditions result from a diet with too much acidic food. Gallstones and duodenal ulcers are the two specific ones that stand out, explaining the processes that lead to both. And of course osteoporosis and bone spurs are two others as mentioned above.

Another aspect concerns cholesterol, or, more specifically, triglycerides. Carbohydrates are converted to triglycerides in the liver. A diet high in carbohydrates will raise your trigylceride level. And those triglycerides are split in the digestive tract into monoglycerides and fatty acids. Note- acids. So high triglyceride levels are an indication of artery-clogging fat in your system as well as a high level of acid in your body, all due to a diet high in carbohydrates.

Then there's "acid indigestion". The stomach produces HCl, hydrochloric acid, but that production drops off with age. According to Dr. Morter, the cells that normally produce HCl become toxic and unable to function well, limiting their ability to do their job. The stomach is supposed to be a very acidic environment, and putting alkalizing antacids in there makes the environment completely abnormal. A teaspoon of vinegar in a small glass of water will relieve heartburn symptoms because it brings the acidic levels in the stomach back to normal. Toxicity from a consistent diet of too much protein can bog down your cells to the point that they don't produce hydrochloric acid as they should, resulting in heartburn.

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The Alkaline Diet

The repercussions of a high carb, high protein diet are profound. Much of what ails America can be addressed right here. The answer is an alkaline diet- one that gradually includes more fruits and vegetables which leave an alkaline residue that replenishes your alkaline reserve with organic sodium. The ideal diet is 45% cooked fruits and vegetables, 30% fresh fruits and vegetables, and 25% anything else. There is no need to go completely vegetarian if you don't want to (thought that would be best); just cut back on the high protein sources, remembering that vegetables supply amino acids that provide complete proteins, too; and they build up your alkaline reserve, they don't diminish it. Giving your body the alkaline sources it needs and cutting back on the acid-producers in your diet will help to detoxify your cells and get your body back in to balance.

Calcium supplements are a must; an absorbable form like calcium citrate is best, and if you can find it in a gelcap, that's even better. And there are other supplements available that will help bring your pH balance back to alkaline; Dr. Morter offers his line of products at his website. The link is below.
"When the body is given a chance to function the way it was designed, it performs miraculous feats of natural healing." (Your Health Your Choice, by M. Ted Morter, MD, Lifetime Books, Inc, 1992, p. 178).
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Going Green
. . . especially if cancer is an issue

Many dispute the pH concept of health, but there are innumerable reasons to change your diet to one heavy on fruits and vegetables anyway. The health benefits are enormous, including phytochemicals that fight disease, fiber to clean you out and help in the detox process; and the enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables eaten raw help digestion. According to Jean Carper in her book, Stop Aging Now!:
There is nowhere- repeat, nowhere- you can get the injections of antiaging potions you get from eating fruits and vegetables. They are not trivial creations of nature, but mighty forces to be reckoned with. They possess countless known and unknown agents that transform your cells into fortresses against the free radical forces of aging. Much of what we call aging is really a fruit-and-vegetable deficiency!
There is no good reason to not increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Particularly if cancer is in the picture- even if you are skeptical about the effects of an alkaline diet on cancer cells, the phytochemicals alone will help to fight the disease. The detoxification action of fiber in fruits and vegetables is also very helpful, as well as the enzymes. Every benefit of eating green is a plus when fighting cancer. And if the pH factor proves out, it's win-win. What do you have to lose?

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A Word of Caution

All the details of how this process works are very well presented in Dr. Morter's books. He has several out, including Your Health, Your Choice, An Apple a Day, Is It Enough?, and Fell's Official Know-It-All Guide- Health and Wellness. I recommend at least checking out one of his books at your library before going whole-hog into a diet change. He explains how to go about changing your habits without backlash- a sudden diet change can have some very unpleasant side effects; he has charts with foods and their acidic residue content, and loads of other information that will be helpful if you choose to change your lifestyle.

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Dr. Morter's Books

Your Health, Your Choice

An earlier edition of this book was the first one I found on the subject, and the book from which I obtained the information here.

Fell's Official Know-It-All Guide to Health and Wellness

Dynamic Health: Using Your Own Beliefs, Thoughts and Memory to Create a Healthy Body

Ted Morter Online
Morter Health System
Morter HealthSystem is dedicated to research, teaching, promoting and fulfilling the needs of doctors and health care practitioners around the world. And, it's an association of healthcare practitioners who receive the latest technique and nutrition updates as well as patient education materials at the touch of a button on our exclusive Morter HealthSystem website for doctors.

Morter Supplements
MorterSupplements, LLC's purpose is to provide all-natural, health-enhancing products that elevate quality of life and joy around the world. We offer great health at great prices for everyone. Since a healthy body and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand, MorterSupplements donates a portion of its profits for preserving and restoring the earth's natural environment.

Healthy Bones by Nancy Appleton is another book by an author that understands the pH connection to our health. She demonstrates a clear connection between pH and osteoporosis.

Other Alkaline Diet Sites

It is not difficult to find information about the alkaline diet. A search will turn up lots of sites and books. Here are a few:

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  1. For optimum cellular and system functioning, the body must maintain a slightly alkaline pH. By having this ideal pH balance, our health and energy are maximized, as is our resistance to disease and premature aging.
    The most important organs we have to protect against acid buildup are our kidneys and lungs (followed by the skin). Our kidneys regulate acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream and eliminate solid/fixed acids through urination. When excessive amounts of acid are present in the bloodstream, the kidneys dilute and neutralize these harmful acids.